ABC News Anchor Describes ISIS Leader As “A Passionate Leader”

We’re a few days out from the successful ending of Al Baghdadi and we still have allegedly objective hard-hitting news sources doing their best to frame the terrorists in the most favorable light they can. On Sunday and Monday several sources became PR firms for the isis leader, with the Washington Post calling him an […]

The Washington Post is at it Again: Argues al-Baghdadi Not a Coward

Hot off the heels of their weekend of fawning eulogizing the now dead mass murder terrorist and leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, al-Baghdadi. After first labeling him an Islamic extremest, the obituary headline was changed to “austere religious scholar”. This time it would seem Trump Derangement Syndrome is causing supposedly objective professionals to defend […]

Dronetek Politics LIVE: CNN Democrat Debates

It’s time once again to gaze in awe of the clown show known as CNN Democrat debates! But before the debates officially kick off, tune in to the Dronetek Politics Live stream to see interviews with Democrat voters, Trump haters and socialists! The fun will start around 6:30pm EST. We’ll also be selecting one random […]

Hello Pot, I’m Kettle!

Have you ever heard the saying “What you accuse someone else of, many times you are guilty of the same.”? How about the old proverb that says, “Before you remove the sliver from your neighbors eye, you first need to remove the plank from your own!”? There is something blatantly happening before our eyes, that […]