The Truth is Racist: Biden Regime Bans The Term ‘China-Virus’

Meanwhile, critical race theory, a far-left conspiracy theory that broadly generalizes and demonizes people based on their skin color, has been revived by the same Biden Regime. Where did this virus come from? Unquestionably, China. And not only did it origniate there, but their communist government lies helpped it to spread around the world!

Twitter Removes MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Account

In yet another partisan display of censorship, Twitter has chosen another prominent voice on the right, Mike Lindell, for canceling. They cite “misinformation”, but as usual they give no examples. They also never seem to care about all the “misinformation” swirling around the leftist bubble. According to Newsmax: Twitter has permanently suspended the account of […]

AOC says Congress may form a Commission to ‘rein in’ Media after Capitol Riot

The Democrats are working with their state media to crush all dissent and opposition. We’re headed for one party, CCP style rule. Why don’t we hold the Democrat media to this standard? Both Democrats and their media incited attacks on ICE facilities. CNN promoted the group those terrorists came from. How about the Democrat shooter […]