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“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 04: Radio personality Rush Limbaugh and wife Kathryn (L)  attend the State of the Union address with First Lady Melania Trump in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives on February 04, 2020 in Washington, DC.  President Trump delivers his third State of the Union to the nation the night before the U.S. Senate is set to vote in his impeachment trial.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

BREAKING: Talk Radio Titan Rush Limbaugh Has Passed Away

We all knew this was coming, but the news still hits hard. A quick personal background story about what Rush means to me. I started off hating Rush, because that's what I was told to do. I'd argue with grandma about him and I would listen just to argue with her later. Over time, I started agreeing with him until I was off on my own mission to expose the corrupt media.

It wasn't so much that Rush had convinced me, but rather the media's blatant attempts to destroy him by purposely misquoting and misrepresenting things Rush had said. One of the final media lies that finally cemented my opposition to them, was the Media Matters claim Rush Limbaugh had called anti-Iraq war veterans "phony soldiers". I was deep into the war at the time and had a popular channel on that topic (all the videos are gone now), so I was fully aware of what Rush was talking about. But despite that, the full context of the Rush quote showed what he was talking about, a specific liar named Jessie Macbeth. A phony soldier who had joined an anti-Iraq war vets group and made false claims.

The media misrepresented Rush's quote to attack his sponsors and cover up their own support and promotion of Jessie Macbeth, as a weapon against George W Bush. Jessie was a fake soldier and the media lied about it just like they lie about Trump now.

After that, I knew they had to be exposed and it all started with Rush Limbaugh. You'll be missed Rush.

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