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“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”


BUSTED: NPR Wrongly Claims Maryland Town Floods Are Caused by Climate Change

Isn't NPR supposed to be professional journalism?

I follow all the MSM networks and "reporters" on Twitter, so I'm using to seeing misinformation being presented as truth worthy news. However, this morning I saw a post from National Public Radio that was clearly not factual. It instantly enraged me because they are at least partially tax payer funded and I was highly skeptical their dubious claim. They claimed a series of floods in a small Maryland town were the fault of Climate change and linked to a ridiculous article pushing climate change hysteria.

Like I said, my skepticism was instant and a quick search confirmed my suspicions. According to The Baltimore Sun, these floods are nothing new and have been occurring since at least 1817. Another fake news story busted.

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