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“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

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RuneScape - To accomplish this mission


Mission 2 - Eavesdrop on the Ceremony. To start this mission it is necessary to RuneScape gold wear Zamorak robes. You will need to dress in them before you are able to speak to an Chaos Druid mage (not one of the 13-level lvls). He will tell you their ritual is nearing completion, they just need something from Lord Salarin. Head to Sir Tiffy Cashien, who is located in Falador Park, and he will offer you a pious herb, which you are to make appear to be a Torstol. The wizard will present the herb to you and the potion will explode. Mission complete.

Mission 3 - Mission 3 - This mission is sort of an extension of Devious Minds. Remember the ending of Devious Minds when you were told that the Temple Knights would attempt to replicate the Bow Sword that you had made? It is now time to try it.

You will require the following: 20 attack and 34 ranging. You'll be provided with a bow sword and 20 mithril arrows, and are placed in a room containing some opponents. You must inflict 20 damage with ranging and 40 with melee using your bow. The mission is completed. You will receive additional Bow Swords as a reward. These can be used to perform combat and range.

Mission 4: To catch an thief. To accomplish this mission, head to Port Sarim Jail. Speak to the thief in the cell. He will eventually mention that he hid some expensive loot. Only his accomplice knows where the loot was hidden, and the thief isn't going to speak to him. Locate the lvl 16 Thief in Port Sarim, and select the option to follow him. Then, he'll stand near the bizarre statue located in Port Sarim. After he has left, dig using a spade to get the loot. Return it to Tiffy Cashien

How to obtain: You will need a Solar Ore and the Solar Bar. The Solar Ore can be obtained from the west of Solar Isle, where you have access to buy runescape 3 gold the mining site.