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“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”


Hello Pot, I’m Kettle!

Have you ever heard the saying "What you accuse someone else of, many times you are guilty of the same."? How about the old proverb that says, "Before you remove the sliver from your neighbors eye, you first need to remove the plank from your own!"?

There is something blatantly happening before our eyes, that I am consistently shocked, there is not more commentary on. The ROOT of the tree, of recent political assaults on President Trump and his administration and presidency.

The media from FOX to MSNBC, along with the Clown News Network, and everyone else in between. They keep regurgitating talking points as to whether or not Trump should be in trouble and or impeached, for his conversation with the Ukrainian president. They all keep dissecting his words, his syllables, his tone, his innuendo, bleeblueblahblamblap!

Meanwhile, the ROOT of this gossip tree, stays suspiciously immune to any real investigation and or attention. Have you really stopped to ask yourself why?

Do you ever think about the legitimate psychosis that has gripped the majority of Americans, that they cannot nor will not, think about or look at origins of stories. They simply want to fight over, and focus on the peripheral ripples of gossip laden, MSM propaganda talking points. They have such low or anesthetized IQ's, that they don't stop an ask themselves, "Wait, what did Biden do to cause President Trump to ask the Ukrainian president to look in to?"

Forget about the real, admitted, blatant, recorded, undeniable, blackmail / Quid Pro Quo, done by Joe Biden concerning his son Hunter and the prosecutor in the Ukraine. Don't think or talk about, no, no. What is important and bad is, that Trump asked the leader of another country, to look into the possible corruption of a then sitting VPOTUS! How dare he bring that up! How dare he ask for information on a situation that clearly smelled of rotting, duplicitous, abuse of powers from the former VPOTUS!

Though, luckily for us they have the transcripts of that conversation, so we could put the gossip girl rumor mill to sleep once and for all, right? I mean if we can read what was said on the phone call, we can know if and how Trump crossed the line, and then hold him accountable.

So the transcripts come out, the head of National Intelligence Mr. Macguire is grilled for hours about them, and for anything else he knew about regarding the situation. Though that did not suffice, and the real information that was going to bring down the president was from the first hand account, of the 3rd hand recipient of said, white-house-gossip-girl-hot-talk! Seriously, you can't make this sh@T up! Oh ya, also please forget that fact they changed "Whistle Blower" guidelines in August, that enabled this whistle blower to come forward with this "Presidency Ending" 3rd hand information!

Are you beginning to see, if you already had not, how incessantly this hurts the brain of someone with just a few working brain cells?

Though again, back to the ROOT! We are being directed by MSM and politicians from both sides of the aisle, to not think about the ROOT! To not focus on the FACTS regarding what Joe Biden DID do! We are being programmed to focus on the "questionable" manner of which Trump handled it and or talked to the Ukraine president. That to me is INSANE!

It really feels like we should be more interested and concerned about what Joe Biden did when he was VP of the USA! He literally bragged about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, who was looking into the corrupt dealings of his son. Though again, we are upset at Trump for daring to ask and or recruit help from the Ukrainian President, in getting to the bottom of it!

I get it, I am beating a dead goat right now. Though I really am at a loss for the raging lack of critical thinking, on the most basic level, from the greater populous of the american people, concerning these things.

The same thing and or argument could be made in regards to the last 3 yrs, surrounding the Trump/Russia collusion narrative fiasco. Again, Hillary Clunton (Not a typo, remove the 'L' for proper pronunciation), and the DNC were in fact the ones who originated and financed the Steele dossier. The very thing that ultimately was used against Clunton. The very dossier that was used as 'Proof' or catalyst for the Trump investigation into Russian connections. It was literally Killary who actually did, what Mueller was investigating to see if Trump had done! That is literally how F'ing simple it is! Killary Clunton (Again, remove the 'L' for proper pronunciation), was literally guilty of everything they tried proving Trump was guilty of, though as we know, they literally failed in this attempt. I Literally meant to use the word, literally, as many times as I literally used it, literally.

Here is my very long, questionably worded, point. When you hear the DNC and MSM ranting about something non-stop. Claiming terrible injustice, and or corruption from the Trump administration and or Trump himself. Take a step back and look at the ROOT. And ask yourself if the ROOT applies to the accusers, and if the ROOT is worthy of notice. 9 times out of 10, it will be a perfect example of the Pot literally calling the Kettle Black!

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