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“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”


Nanci Pelosi spreads The ‘Very Fine People” lie About Trump


Ever since the Charlottesville statue protests and ensuring press conference with Trump, the Democrats and their media have spread the lie that he called neo-nazis "very fine people" or "good people". Anyone who has seen the press conference or read the transcript knows that's not true, but they have repeated the big lie so often that most people believe it.

Just as, remember, Charlottesville. People were coming down that hill, with tiki torches, saying, “The Jews will not replace us, The Jews will not replace us,” and what was the president’s statement? “There are good people on both sides.” Really? “The Jews will not replace us’ and ‘good people on both sides”?

Pelosi isn't alone, with Joe Biden and Beta Beto also spreading this misinformation any chance they get. Biden has been called out on it, only to be dismissed and then defended by the same media that has helped to perpetuate this lie.

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