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“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”

“I review it so you don’t have to watch it!”


The Horse is Dead!

Ok, I am starting to feel bad for this dead horse we are all beating!  Well not all of us, but the transparently retarded leftist turd patties, we call the Democrats and their pocket pals in the media!

This impeachment debacle would be seriously beyond laughable, if it wasn’t so sad.  This whole situation is blatantly clear, yet being pounded by 90% of the MSM, as the big thing that is going to take down Trump.

I constantly have to ask myself what I am missing, when I read the news on this every morning.  What am I missing that has everyone convinced that Trump actually broke the law?  Hell forget breaking the law, that he did anything even remotely unethical or shady!  Am I living in a world where I simply don’t see what the problem is?  The short answer is no, the more drawn out answer is hell no!

Think again about the facts surrounding this, and because of the humane, animal loving nature that abounds deep within my heart, I will not beat the proverbial horse while summing this up.

  1. Joe Biden bragged about getting a prosecutor fired, that was looking into the shady and corrupt dealings of a company called Burisma.
  2. Burisma, was employing Hunter Biden to the excess tune of $50k PER MONTH, for his non-existent skills, to sit on their board.
  3. Joe Biden, LITERALLY threatened to withhold a Billion (Not a typo, with a “B”), if this prosecutor was not fired immediately.
  4. The prosecutor got fired, the case got handed to a different office in the Ukrainian government, that ruled quickly that Burisma was free to continue business, and simply had to pay a few minor fees.

-Side note- 2016 election starts.

  1. DNC and Hillary Clinton LITERALLY colluded with the Ukrainian and Russian assets to dig up dirt on Trump (Dossier).
  2. Trump wins election anyways.
  3. Immediate talk of impeachment begins, like literally the next day.
  4. Last 2.5 years all we heard was Russia / Trump / collusion.
  5. Mueller Report clears Trump.
  6. Literally within days of final straw breaking surrounding the Russia / Trump / collusion narrative, we are hit with the Ukrainian “Quid Pro Quo” narrative.

Ok, well I lied…I did punch that dead horse a few times.  Though let’s get back to the present.

So, this crazy world we live in, that is infected with terminal stage 4 Trump derangement Syndrome, is LITERALLY (I like that word), pushing full steam with weapons of war a blazing, towards impeachment of TRUMP!  Why you may ask (If you were a retarded, gasoline sniffing, cave dwelling inbred)?  Because Trump asked the new Ukrainian president, to see if he could look into some of the details surrounding the corruption of the Joe Biden “Quid Pro Quo” situation for him.

Keep in mind, he is LITERALLY allowed to ask foreign government for help in investigating corruption.  He isn’t just allowed to; he is expected to as President.  He needs to know that the countries we are dealing with are solid.  That there is not any overt corruption taking place within the governments we are giving arms to and writing big ass checks to.

So, Trump had a conversation with the Ukrainian President and did just.  He then did something he did not have to do, and something the left was betting he would not do.  He released the unredacted TRANSCRIPTS of the conversation.  The transcripts proved everything that he had been saying to be true.  But what did the left and the media and the swampy POS politicians hungry for some orange, funny hair scalp do?  They claimed it was foggy, that there was not a case of “Quid Pro Quo”!  WTF!?!?! 

Though wait, it gets better!  Not only did they not believe their actual LITERAL eyes, and what they read in the transcripts (Which BTW, presents a strong case that they do in fact have their heads lodged far up their own asses).  They said the actual recorded transcript of the conversation doesn’t matter.  Why?  Because they had a Simone (Ferris Buhler’s Day Off reference).  They had someone, who knew someone, who had overheard something, from someone else.  That possibly implied that President Trump had possibly asked and implied he wouldn’t give money to the Ukrainian government, if they did not “Play Ball”.

Yup, this is why according to the left, that we should impeach our President.  Though according to Adam “Scrotum Sniff” Schiff, it was something he took no pleasure in having to do, this whole thing has basically been really hard-on schiffty (See what I did there?).

I guess I am beating this horse, call animal control…wait never mind, it is dead…I digress.

So, now as of last week, we learn of the name of the “Whistle Blower” Eric Ciarmello…or something like that.  We find that he is an Obama admin hold over, that he is a staunch partisan, that he is quite literally a DNC operative, and that he is the Simone or 3rd party gossip girl / whistle blower.  He is blowing on someone’s whistle; this is for sure!

All of this information, and this crazy horse beating fiasco, is what the left is trying to use to impeach our President.  To reverse the will of the people, and find a way to remove DT from office, because it is the only measure, they have to not be subjected to another 5 years of America staying Great! 

Let’s summarize and wrap this up, because it raises my blood pressure talking about this.

  1. Biden literally commits a flagrant Quid Pro Quo against the Ukraine.
  2. Trump legally asks the Ukrainian Government look into it.
  3. Trump is the one who should be impeached for Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine!

This is beyond a blatant and transparent attack upon our President and our Republic and the will of the people that elected DT to office!  I don think, even if they tried, they could make this partisan attack more evident.  On a President, none the less, that they know will dominate and demolish the democrats in the 2020 election.  This is their only way to remove him from office, and they are no longer even trying to be clever or sly about it.  Raise your voice on every social media platform you have, get out and vote in every election you can from local to national.  Do not take this lying down!  It is time to get angry and vocal.  We have the truth on our side on this, and we shouldn’t be shy or quiet.  Get loud and proud…hell, if the gays can do it, why shouldn’t we!

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